Supply chain transparency – a strong selling point for consumers

Where does my steak come from? Can I eat supermarket eggs with a clear conscience? Traceability and supply chain transparency helps build trust in a product. Especially when it comes to food and textiles, consumers expect to have access to reliable, detailed information about the quality, origin and processing of products on the shelves. They also want to be able to trust the brand in terms of its social, environmental and economic sustainability. This trust has been severely compromised in recent years due to various scandals and accidents in the food and textile industries. Many customers have become sceptical and seek more detailed information about the products they want to buy before they actually purchase them. Today, reliable, comprehensive data about a product is as important as the product itself. ftrace provides consumers with reliable data from the supply chain, enabling consumers to make a more informed purchasing decision based on relevant criteria.

All benefits at a glance

Brand confidence

Products that tell a story

  • Consumers know exactly what attracts them to a certain product – they can read up on a seamless story that traces the product from its origins to its processing, including relevant quality criteria.
  • They receive reliable information about the sustainability of a product, in terms of the social, economic and environmental aspects.
  • Digital channels can also be used to provide additional content, such as recipes or competitions.

Guidance in a food crisis

Better to be safe than sorry in a crisis

  • One thing is certain – the next food crisis is never too far away. fTRACE provides consumers with greater security by letting them know whether a product they have bought is concerned by the crisis or not.
  • By scanning the QR code, customers can immediately see where a particular product batch comes from.
  • In the event of a crisis, it is clear to see whether the raw materials in the product came into contact with a company caught up in the crisis.

Food safety

Knowing what products contain

  • Protection against food fraud: members of the supply chain record the data relating to their specific stage in production. The resulting processes are created automatically, based on verifiable data.
  • The traceability data meets statutory requirements.
  • fTRACE suppliers have digitalised their supply chains, which reduces the number of errors in the transmission of supply chain data.


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