How farming cooperatives benefit from traceability

Farming cooperatives are service providers for their affiliated farms and play a key role in the gathering of transparency and traceability data. They gather, pool and prepare origin and certificate data and make them available to downstream stages of the supply chain. Farming cooperatives are typically legacy organisations – each location has its own IT system. Data exchange between them is therefore often inefficient. By standardising traceability data and the communicating it via  a standard interface, ftrace provides for transparent information and trust-based collaboration at all times.

All benefits at a glance

Avoid inefficiencies when exchanging data

  • ftrace enables the consolidation of all transparency and traceability data within the entire company group
  • You will be provided with a standard interface for use throughout the company.
  • Supply chain data is standardised before it is transmitted downstream to manufacturers or retailers.
  • You reap cost savings linked to managing and verifying certificates and quality reports.

Fulfilling requirements

Provide proof of product quality

  • Trusted data: By supplying trusted data, you can position yourself as a trustworthy supplier among retail partners or producers.
  • You can be certain that all statutory information is already available in the system.
  • You will also comply with the statutory requirements, such as those of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, Fish Hygiene Ordinance or the Beef Labelling Act.

Supply chain transparency

Discover all the stages of your supply chain

  • Leverage the information advantage offered by the generation of valid data for your marketing and crisis management.
  • You will also be able to provide immediate information about key supply chain topics such as sustainability, social standards and animal welfare.
  • You can check which certificates a supplier has and see whether they are still valid.

Help shape supply chain transparency

Get involved in designing the supply chains of the future

  • Play an active role in the ftrace advisory board and take advantage of the growing ftrace community.
  • Play an active role in supporting international interoperability by implementing standards.
  • Share knowledge about supply chain transparency, sustainability and product traceability with other network partners.
  • Receive access to the latest research findings and technological advances in the field of traceability and supply chain transparency.


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