Supply chain transparency – a must for every food manufacturer

Brand manufacturers face a diverse range of challenges today. Firstly, discerning consumers demand that transparent information be available at all times – for example, information pertaining to the origin of the raw materials, ingredients and sustainable production. Secondly, if a crisis situation does arise, the manufacturer’s greatest asset is at stake: its brand. It is essential to act quickly, in order to prevent both damage to the corporate image and financial losses. Today, digital transparency solutions such as ftrace enable greater security and efficiency in supply chains as they become increasingly longer and more complex. All relevant data is provided in a homogeneous format, which minimises the investment of time and resources throughout the entire supply chain.

All benefits at a glance

Product promotion

Tell the stories behind your products

  • The brand’s quality leadership can be promoted by communicating origin data, the names of companies involved, manufacturing processes and quality guidelines
  • Private label manufacturers can use supply chain data to position themselves in the retail market as more reliable partners
  • Documentation of product information using valid data that the consumer can easily understand
  • Product acceptance can be increased by means of additional content, such as images, videos, certificates and recipes


The capacity to react in a crisis

Optimise reaction times in the event of a crisis

  • Identification of all companies connected to a specific product batch in a matter of seconds
  • Acceleration of product recalls as a result of cross-company transparency along the entire supply chain
  • Capability to provide information to stakeholders: retailers, NGOs, authorities, suppliers and consumers
  • Rapid identification of affected sales batches in the event of raw material contamination and communication of the exact designation to retailers

Meet stakeholder requirements

Ensure your capacity to delivery the necessary information

  • Reinforce your image with error-free data quality when checking all statutory data for completeness.
  • Strengthen relationships with retailers by providing complete, reliable supply chain data.
  • Efficiently comply with all statutory requirements for specific product lines – from the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and Fish Hygiene Ordinance to the Beef Labelling Act.


Increasing efficiency

Avoid inefficiencies when exchanging data

  • Standardisation forms the basis for complete, qualitative data that is both correct and verifiable.
  • This data can be used quickly and efficiently for supply chain analysis, crisis management and customer communication.
  • A standard interface also allows the standardised supply chain data to be used in a company’s own ERP system.
  • Standardised data guarantees interoperability throughout the whole group, despite the existence of different ERP systems.

Supply chain transparency

Keep a constant eye on all stages of your supply chain

  • Transparent processes that trace products beyond the immediate upstream stages
  • Information advantage for marketing and crisis management thanks to the generation of reliable data
  • The capacity to provide information about the origin of products, companies and processes involved in product processing, sustainability, social standards and animal welfare

Help shape supply chain transparency

Get involved in designing the supply chains of the future

  • Play an active role in the ftrace advisory board and take advantage of the growing ftrace community.
  • Play an active role in supporting international interoperability by implementing standards.
  • Share knowledge about supply chain transparency, sustainability and product traceability with other network partners.
  • Receive access to the latest research findings and technological advances in the field of traceability and supply chain transparency.


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