fTRACE – the traceability solution for your industry!

The traceability solution fTRACE takes into account the specific needs of each industry, such as industry-specific processes and legal regulations. As a general rule, any type of product can be traced with fTRACE. Click here for an overview of the industries in which fTRACE is already used.

fTRACE in the meat industry

Characterised by constant price pressure, saturated markets and global supply chains, the meat industry not only operates in a challenging context but is also shaken up by scandals on a regular basis. Legislators and consumers are demanding reliable information about the origin and quality of meat products. fTRACE provides a future-oriented and efficient traceability solution.


fTRACE in the fish industry

Consumer demand for fish is growing steadily. However, the world’s natural resources are limited. Topics such as overfishing, the use of drugs in the aquaculture industry, counterfeit products and incorrect labelling have all caused a stir in the market – and are subject to increasing legal regulation. There is no other way of dealing with this than ensuring a seamlessly traceable supply chain – from the moment the product is caught or harvested until it reaches the consumer.

fTRACE in the fruit & vegetable industry

The fruit and vegetable industry is complex, involving a diverse range of products that includes both regional produce and exotic fruits from overseas. A professional traceability system is essential as a guarantee that products on the market have been produced safely and sustainably.


fTRACE in the dairy industry

Digitalisation is a new challenge for the dairy industry, which already suffers under the pressure of long-running price wars. The consolidation of production batches not only makes it difficult to trace a product back to its original batch, but there is also growing demand for information about sustainability aspects such as origin, animal feed and welfare. Consequently, it is even more important to have an efficient traceability system in place. According to surveys, consumers prefer to buy milk when they know where the milk comes from and its origin is one they can trust.


fTRACE in the cereals industry

The mixed batches of bulk goods represents one of the major challenges in tracking cereals. In other words, products with beneficial features such as regionality or sustainable production methods, cannot be clearly separated from other batches. This being the case, how can you communicate quality benefits in an authoritative manner and lever savings as a result? This is where fTRACE provides an efficient, compliant solution.

fTRACE for multi-ingredient products

The more ingredients in a product, the greater the investment needed to ensure that the supply chain remains transparent. The multitude of sector-specific characteristics and legal requirements in this product category means that traceability is a particularly complex challenge. Click here to read how fTRACE can support the secure and efficient traceability of multi-ingredient products.



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