Global Standard for Increased Seafood Traceability

  • “Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability” (GDST) publishes new standard for interoperable seafood traceability
  • In addition to leading retailers and producers, F-Trace supported the standard’s development.
  • The subsidiary of GS1 Germany supports retail and industry in implementing the new standard

A greater level of traceability is beginning to emerge across the seafood industry and its extensive global value chains. Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, inputs in aquaculture, and seafood fraud are some of the many complex challenges the seafood industry faces. Therefore, transparent supply chains are absolutely necessary.

The international stakeholder group the "Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability“ (GDST) recently launched a global standard for interoperable seafood traceability called “GDST 1.0”. The World Wildlife Fund convened the GDST to work on this standard with more 70 member companies from around the world including leading fish producers and retailers such as Thai Union and CPF as well as Sainsbury’s, LIDL, and METRO. The expectations attached to the new standard are correspondingly high.

Transparency from ocean to retailer - around the world
"GDST 1.0 enables transparent, worldwide traceability from fishing to retail," says Mark Zeller, COO at F-Trace. “It opens the door to global interoperability and collaboration for the industry - this will strengthen the sector as a whole. We are proud to be part of this ambitious and important project.” F-Trace supported the GDST with advice and expertise in the development process. As a neutral traceability platform, the subsidiary of GS1 Germany has been offering its own solution for various industries for several years.

GDST 1.0 leverages the same framework fTRACE is built on to describe what information and in which format each actor along the value chain should provide. The standardized transfer of lot-based information within the value networks is made possible by the GS1 standard EPCIS (EPC Information Services). That is why the Cologne-based company can support companies to be GDST-compliant. Businesses that want to implement the new standard can directly contact F-Trace.

Further Information:

If you have any questions about GDST or need support with the implementation of the new GDST standard, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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