Solving traceability challenges together

Efficient cross-company communication of traceability and transparency data can only be achieved if all participants speak the same language. As a subsidiary of the standardisation organisation GS1 Germany, fTRACE is a neutral platform that invites all companies, IT solution providers and universities to join forces and discuss the different challenges of the future and how to overcome them. You can work with us on solutions for improving supply chain transparency and sustainability, on the integrity of supply chains and on new technologies and processes.

The GS1 community – a global network

GS1 is a global, private-sector organisation that designs and implements global standards with the aim of improving value chains.

 GS1 is represented by its own organisations in over 110 countries. It also has more than 2 million members from the FMCG industry and other sectors, making GS1 one of the largest business networks in the world. The GS1 organisation is reputed as a reliable, neutral partner in the worlds of retail and industry.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of GS1 Germany, fTRACE is committed to the same neutrality and can tap into the global GS1 network. We work hand in hand with local GS1 member organisations to standardise supply chains and bring together international companies.

The fTRACE advisory board

The fTRACE GmbH advisory board was established to develop a common understanding of traceability requirements and to address the needs of all members of the supply chain. fTRACE GmbH draws on the experience and expertise of its industrial and retail partners, who act as trusted advisers in the development, marketing and distribution of fTRACE services.

Cooperative ventures and strategic partners

In order to offer seamless traceability, fTRACE makes use of existing tools alongside its own solution. These tools can deliver a greater depth of data in their specialised area and are a smart way of complementing the fTRACE solution. These existing tools include certification systems that can provide reliable information on certification status and report on trustworthiness.


atrify GmbH

atrify is the platform for product content that enables more than 20,000 users in over 50 countries to share accurate and reliable content with their partners and consumers. With complementary expert services, atrify provides a holistic solution portfolio for transparency, compliance and cross-channel trading. atrify is 100% owned by GS1 Germany.

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Initiatives that we support

fTRACE supports existing initiatives that aim to improve traceability and supply chain transparency. We communicate with a range of service providers and companies at both the national and international level, providing support with presentations and putting forward companies for pilot projects.


SALT - Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability

As one of the leading traceability platforms and as a subsidiary of GS1 Germany, we support SALT with the standardisation of processes, attributes and statutory regulations concerning traceability.

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Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST)

The GDST is an international business-to-business platform that was established to promote a standard framework that enables interoperable traceability processes of fish and seafood products.

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Trade Association for Seafood Traceability Technology (Tast-T)

Tast-T is an alliance formed between traceability technology providers that are working together on solutions that enable the complete traceability of seafood.

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IFT - Global Food Traceability Center

Part of the IFT, the Global Food Traceability Center (GFTC) is a global initiative that is involved in the roll-out and implementation of practical traceability solutions. It provides support in fields such as research, standards, professional development and training, as well as technology transfer.

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