Transparent global supplier networks

The simple supply chains of the past have now been replaced by complex supply networks composed of a myriad of different steps and dynamic supply relationships. Keeping track of everything, including how raw materials have been produced and processed, represents a phenomenal challenge for many companies – not least because the relevant data can rarely be traced back beyond direct suppliers and customers. fTRACE achieves the necessary transparency by digitalising the processes involved, using global standards, providing personalised customer service and support and liaising closely with the fTRACE community.

Product and functions

Uniform data for optimal data usage

Thanks to the implementation of global GS1 standards, supply chain data can be used efficiently for various purposes:

  • transferring and downloading supply chain data
  • viewing and analysing supply chain data
  • communicating supply chain information
  • ensuring the traceability of fresh produce on your service counters

Consultancy and Onboarding

Our full-service package for suppliers

To ensure the highest level of data quality, training is provided to suppliers:

  • Set-up in five easy steps
  • Tailored precisely to the supplier's needs
  • Professional, sector-specialised personnel at your disposal
  • Technical support with the integration of the automatic data exchange interface

Technology and security

State-of-the-art technology for your data

The fTRACE traceability solution relies on various state-of-the-art technologies that comply with the latest security requirements:

  • Optimum performance for rapid processing
  • Global scalability for international supply chains
  • Tried-and-tested security for the protection of your data
  • User rights management for supervised transparency

Data and standards

Efficient traceability with GS1 standards

fTRACE uses global GS1 standards in order to transport nested data efficiently all the way along the supply chain:

  • How do GS1 standards help traceability?
  • The benefits of global standards for fTRACE
  • Ways to transfer data to fTRACE

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