Support tailored to your individual needs

fTRACE is based on a decentralised approach where every company provides the information that it is required to communicate. Depending on the technical maturity, international focus or specific requirements of the company, fTRACE can be adapted in response to different customer requirements. fTRACE’s customised set-up and support concept is a full-service package that has been tried and tested at a project level, as well as in everyday operations. And even after the system has been rolled out, the fTRACE team continues to provide support for any queries that may arise.

Step 1: Get in touch!

Get in touch with us! A dedicated member of the fTRACE team will support you throughout the process and answer any questions.

Step 2: Transfer of master data

Members of the supply chain will be identified by the global location number (GLN). Items are identified by the global trade item number (GTIN). Combined with the individual batch number, the GTIN ensures that each item is given a unique ID. Specific product or marketing information can also be communicated.

Step 3: Webinar and virtual fTRACE tour

The virtual fTRACE tour or your personal webinar provides a comprehensive summary of the information that needs to be provided and the different ways of transferring data.

Step 4: Assignment of user rights

fTRACE is based on a user rights management system. In other words, access to data sets needs to be granted by the respective author.

Step 5: Data transfer and data output

From now on, your customers can benefit from batch-based fTRACE traceability data, while your business benefits from transparency in your supply chain. Even once you have started the continual data transfer, the fTRACE team remains at your disposal to answer your queries as part of their ongoing support service.


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