Global standards improve efficiency, transparency and confidence

Due to the fact that GS1 standards are globally established, standardised and unique, they provide a clearly defined data format that enables the efficient use of traceability information. You can use the data, for example, to analyse your supply chains, view the supply chains of individual batches, assess the quality of suppliers’ data, communicate with consumers and provide clarification in the event of a crisis.

Sending and downloading data

Create a database for irreproachable traceability

Origin and manufacturing data is transferred to fTRACE and supply chain data relating to your products downloaded as follows:

  • Data entry and transfer using the fTRACE DataEntry module
  • Data download of standard or enriched premium data
  • Connection to your own ERP system and automatic data exchange using an M2M interface
  • Verification of data quality

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Evaluating supply chain data

Achieve full transparency in your supply chains

The fTRACE tools DataView and DataReport allow you to tap into a new dimension of supply chain transparency – from a product’s origins to the finished product.

  • View the entire supply chain for a specific product batch in one window
  • Quick inspection of data quality and completeness
  • Real-time interrogation of all traceability data in the supply chain

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Communicate traceability information

Tell the story behind your products

Reinforce consumer confidence in your products and brands by making supply chain information transparent. Consumers can consult key supply chain information by scanning a QR code on the product packaging.

  • Customise information to reflect your own corporate/brand design
  • Customise content with flexible enhancements
  • Integrate videos, images and recipes

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Ensure the traceability on your fresh food counters

Greater efficiency, lower costs, increased confidence

Digitalising the processing steps of fresh produce sold on service counters brings time savings in terms of providing the statutory documentation. Not only does fTRACE enable the origin of the food to be displayed alongside the food in the counter, but information can also be accessed in a matter of seconds in the event of a food safety inspection.

  • Paper-free and environmentally friendly mapping of processes involved in the movement of goods
  • Designed for meat, fish, cheese and delicatessen counters
  • A lean solution: tablet, scanner and GS1 barcodes

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