Consumer expectations are rising

What is the original of a certain product’s raw materials? How were they processed? Consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to the value chain of products and expect to get reliable information about matters such as quality and sustainability. Manufacturers and retailers face increasing pressure to be able to prove information about the origin, cultivation or production methods of products, as well as their quality and sustainability – which is not made any easier by the growing complexity of supply networks.


fTRACE brings you the data

fTRACE collects batch-based traceability data all the way along the supply chain, enabling companies to make reliable declarations about their products. The information can also be tailored specifically to the product’s marketing claim. From the consumer’s point of view, fTRACE creates the transparency they are looking for. They can consult supply chain information on their smartphone simply by scanning the QR code on the product packaging.


Tell the stories behind your products:

  • Include traceability information – customised in your corporate design – as part of your corporate communication.
  • Determine which marketing claims are key for your business.
  • Publish text, images, graphics and videos about product origin, the manufacturing process or partners involved.

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