fTRACE – the solution for fresh produce counters

Greater efficiency, greater confidence

A well-stocked, attractive fresh produce counter is one of the key ways in which supermarkets can differentiate themselves from competitors. Retailers can use these counters to position themselves as suppliers of local, high-quality products and win customer confidence by offering an expert level of advice. To ensure that a fresh produce counter fully complies with legal requirements, a retailer needs to fulfil an increasing number of requirements in terms of traceability. The fTRACE traceability solution enables the whole process – from entering products and creating the necessary records – to be digitalised and automated using a scanner and tablet. This not only ensures transparency at the fresh produce counter but also results in considerable time savings. By implementing fTRACE, retailers save an average of up to 60 minutes per day per store. 


    What does fTRACE deliver?

    • An integrated traceability solution for service counters
    • Already available for meat and fish counters; availability planned for delicatessen and cheese
    • Digitalisation of the movement of goods and paper-free documentation of all products
    • Compliance with current statutory requirements

    The benefits of the traceability tool for fresh produce counters

    Increased efficiency and cost savings

    • Digitalise the statutory packing list.
    • Save up to 60 minutes per employee per day per store

    * Based on counters selling beef, pork, poultry, fish and similar produce.

    Sustainable marketing

    • Drive customers by reinforcing the local characteristic and quality of your products, and underline product origin.
    • Use images, videos and recipes to promote the farmers who supply your meat, as well as your meat products.
    • Grow your revenue with your fresh produce counters

    Legal compliance

    • Keep your eye on everything: fTRACE enables you to consult the complete origin data for any of your service counter products at any time.
    • You can rest assured when it comes to food safety inspections – the traceability solution for your service counters helps ensure that you are compliant with legal requirements.

    Implementing fTRACE in store

    Hardware and infrastructure requirements:

    • a tablet in the prep room for documenting the processing steps
    • a scanner – to identify the parts to be processed
    • an internet connection (preferably LAN or a stable WLAN)
    • a front-office terminal with a touchscreen to retrieve and display origin data

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