View and analyse supply chain data

View supply chains

Full control over data quality

What really happens with our raw materials? How do our network partners work? One of the greatest challenges is achieving true traceability beyond the immediate upstream stages of the supply chain. This is where the DataView module of fTRACE comes into play. This displays all supply chain event data for each product batch, as well as the interrelationship of events – colour-coded for quick visual recognition.

  • For every product batch, benefit from transparent data concerning the raw material batches and the companies in the supply chain
  • Check the completeness of all data for your product batches
  • See whether data meets the minimum legal requirements

Analyse supply chains

Keeping track of traceability data

The DataReport module is a modern tool enabling you to evaluate your supply network and use the data to analyse the supply chain.

  • By using a combination of filters, you can find all the products that correspond to your search criteria.
  • You can export reports into Excel, so that you can use them for internal processes.
  • You can identify the number ranges allocated to different farms depending on the country, state, district or commune (e.g. using the German VVVO number or equivalent).
  • Evaluate your suppliers based on data quality.
  • Determine whether you are too heavily reliant on specific regions or companies to supply certain products.

DataReport delivers the answers to your questions – for example:

  • Which batches will have been affected by a delivery of defective raw materials?
  • Do my products contain batches of raw materials that originate from an affected zone?
  • Display all product batches from Company X that do not fulfil the minimum statutory requirements in terms of traceability data.
  • Do all suppliers of a batch have valid certificates, and when do these expire?
  • Which product batches contain raw materials that were produced by a particular company?
  • How complete was a specific supplier’s data last month?
  • Display all product batches whose raw materials were harvested in Country X and processed in German State Y.
  • For which product batches will raw material certificates expire within the next two weeks?
  • Which product batches contain raw materials that are NOT of Swiss origin?
  • Display all product batches that contain raw fish materials that were caught in fishing zone X over the past four weeks.
  • If you would like more information about DataReport, please get in touch with us.

Would you like further information about DataReport? If so, just let us know!



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