Global standards improve efficiency, transparency and confidence

Due to the fact that GS1 standards are globally established, standardised and unique, they provide a clearly defined data format that enables the efficient use of traceability information. You can use the data, for example, to analyse your supply chains, view the supply chains of individual batches, assess the quality of suppliers’ data, communicate with consumers and provide clarification in the event of a crisis.

Sending and downloading data

Create the data foundation for flawless traceability


Origin and manufacturing data is transferred to fTRACE and supply chain data relating to your products downloaded as follows:

  • Data entry and transfer using the fTRACE DataEntry module
  • Data download of standard or enriched premium data
  • Connection to your own ERP system and automatic data exchange using an M2M interface
  • Verification of data quality

Analyse traceability data

Achieve full transparency in your supply chains


The fTRACE tools DataView and DataReport allow you to tap into a new dimension of supply chain transparency – from a product’s origins to the finished product.

  • View the entire supply chain for a specific product batch in one window
  • Quick check of data quality and completeness
  • Real-time interrogation of all traceability data in the supply chain


Our full-service package for suppliers


To ensure the highest level of data quality, training is provided to suppliers:

  • Set-up in five easy steps
  • Tailored precisely to the supplier's needs
  • Professional, sector-specialised personnel at your disposal
  • Technical support with the integration of the automatic data exchange interface

Data and standards

Efficient traceability with GS1 standards


ftrace uses global GS1 standards to transport nested data efficiently all the way along the supply chain:

  • How do GS1 standards help traceability?
  • The benefits of global standards for ftrace
  • Ways to transfer data to ftrace

Technology and security

State-of-the-art technology for your data


The ftrace traceability solution is based on various technologies that are state of the art with respect to performance and security:

  • Optimum performance for rapid processing
  • Global scalability for international supply chains
  • Tried-and-tested security for the protection of your data
  • Permissions management for controlled data access

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