What benefits does traceability bring?

Companies from all industries benefit from the introduction of digital transparency solutions such as ftrace. The specific advantages of supply chain traceability are determined by several factors, including current legal requirements, the IT maturity of the supply chain members and the degree of standardisation. However, companies that digitalise their supply chain and create transparency can generally reap gains in the following areas:

Full supply chain transparency

From the shop counter to the origin of the product: You obtain transparency along entire supply chains. This ensures your requirements for sustainability and quality are met across the board.

Communication on the basis of valid data

Document strengths and identify weaknesses – reliable data backs up positive aspects and provides information about critical processes in your supply chains. The resulting information advantage benefits both company and product communication.

Legal certainty and reputation

Whether legislators, retail partners, manufacturers, NGOs or the media – your stakeholders expect maximum sustainability and total transparency. Our efficient platform enables you to meet the growing demands.

Digitalisation brings efficiency

Standardising your own processes and digitalising supply chains enables rapid data analysis with assimilable results – leading to better decision-making and greater efficiency.

Forgery protection through real-time data

Certificates and other critical documents are retrieved via a direct connection to the databases of the relevant organisations. This gives you access to the original data, tamper-proof and in real time.

Control of your own data

Whoever enters data into ftrace decides who is allowed to view the data and who is not. With the integrated permissions management, companies never run the risk of sensitive business data falling into the wrong hands.

Leverage the benefits of supply chain transparency

For Retailers

Own brands are a key way of achieving competitive differentiation. As manufacturers of own brands, retail companies are responsible for the supply chains relating to these products. Click here to find out which solutions fTRACE can provide.

For Manufacturers

Whether your company manufactures branded products or private labels for retailers, seamless traceability is the only way of providing proof of product quality, due to the availability of reliable data. Click here to find out more about the advantages of batch-based traceability.


For suppliers of raw materials

Implementing our standards at the raw material and semi-finished goods level is key for achieving seamless traceability along the entire length of the supply chain. Click here to find out here why standardised traceability is what you need.


For farming cooperatives

Farming cooperatives are service providers for their affiliated farms and play a key role in the gathering of traceability data. Click here to read about the opportunities that traceability can open up for you.




For consumers

Where does the meat in the supermarket come from? How was the coffee produced? Consumers not only expect reliable information about their food, but also have greater confidence in products whose environmental and social impacts can be traced. Click here to find out what consumers can expect from traceability in the future.



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