Transparent global supplier networks

The simple supply chains of the past have now been replaced by complex supply networks composed of a myriad of different steps and dynamic supply relationships. Keeping track of everything, including how raw materials have been produced and processed, represents a phenomenal challenge for many companies – not least because the relevant data can rarely be traced back beyond direct suppliers and customers. ftrace connects all companies, products and supply chains, creating the necessary transparency by digitalising the processes involved, using global standards, providing personalised customer service and support, and liaising closely with our community.

ftrace transparency

Solution for supply chain transparency

Achieve supply chain transparency in four phases: The steps Mapping, Screening, Analysis and Communication provide you with thorough transparency about your supply network with regard to sustainability and quality.

ftrace traceability

Solution for traceability

Find out who in the supply chain did what, where, when and for what purpose. Designed on the basis of global standards and industry solution, you get legal certainty and maximum efficiency while building trust.

ftrace story

Solution for consumer communication

Score points with the consumer: Use the newly gained transparency for your marketing and tell the story of your products – trustworthily and credibly – on the basis of valid data.

ftrace market

Solution for fresh food counters

Create efficiency and build trust in the fresh food counter: You reduce the costs of documenting traceability and gain legal certainty in food inspections.


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