Supply chain transparency and traceability – a competitive advantage for suppliers of raw materials

The first step in a transparency seamless supply chain is critical. Manufacturers , sustainability, of raw materials and semi-finished goods supply fundamental data to a large number of companies, providing information on the production and quality of the ingredients they use. However, suppliers of raw materials have to meet increasingly diverse customer expectations in terms of data. This is a challenge that ftrace overcomes by using standardisation. In other words, it uses a single language to express traceability along the entire supply chain, minimises losses as a result of misunderstandings and increases overall efficiency.

All benefits at a glance

Increasing efficiency

Avoid inefficiencies when exchanging data

  • Cost savings can be achieved by introducing a standard, cross-sector interface.
  • Standardised data enables you to improve data quality and completeness, which is necessary for an efficient inspection.
  • Data sovereignty remains in your control, thanks to a user rights management system.

Fulfil requirements

Provide proof of product quality

  • Supplying complete, error-free data to retailers or producers enables you to position yourself as a reliable supplier.
  • With ftrace, you have the certainty that all information required by law is already available in the system.
  • You can efficiently comply with statutory requirements – from the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and Fish Hygiene Ordinance to the Beef Labelling Act.

Supply chain transparency

Discover all the stages of your supply chain

  • The generation of reliable data provides you with an information advantage that you can exploit for marketing purposes or in the event of crisis management.
  • You will always be capable of providing supply chain-related information, e.g. about sustainability, social standards or animal welfare.
  • You can immediately see which certificates a supplier has and check whether they are still valid.

Help shape supply chain transparency

Get involved in designing the supply chains of the future

  • Play an active role in the ftrace advisory board and take advantage of the growing ftrace community.
  • Play an active role in supporting international interoperability by implementing standards.
  • Share knowledge about supply chain transparency, sustainability and product traceability with other network partners.
  • Receive access to the latest research findings and technological advances in the field of traceability and supply chain transparency.


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