Paul Horvath - How GS1 standards help sell this master butcher's products.


Today’s consumers want to know all types of information about their meat products. This growing demand for data and emerging government regulations have put pressure on food producers like Master Butcher Paul Horvath, to be able to track and trace their meat products throughout the value chain, providing up-to-date and accurate information.


Paul Horvath turned to GS1 Austria for advice and support when implementing his traceability solution. Today, Horvath is using GS1 identification standards in conjunction with GS1 services to provide full value-chain traceability and its benefits to his retailers and, ultimately, consumers.


  • Increases value chain transparency for Horvath and his trading partners, by knowing “who did what, when and where” to a meat product.
  • Provides Horvath’s retailers with an optimal data exchange solution, allowing them to address their data collection requirements and better serve consumers.
  • Improves consumer confidence by providing detailed, complete information about meat products.
  • Allowed Horvath to implement the traceability solution in record time and with relative ease, with support and services from GS1 Austria.


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